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  • Hydro-mechanical solution optimizes the advantages of both hydrostatic and mechanical systems

  • Patented high-torque planetary design combined with a closed loop hydrostatic variator

  • Always in the "perfect gear" for peak operating efficiency

  • Vehicle speed decoupled from engine speed

  • Reduces operating cost

  • Reduces environmental impact

  • Reduces wasted fuel consumption over 15% compared to torque converter transmissions in start-stop applications

  • Power-Take-Off module positioned between combustion engine & transmission

  • Divides chassis engine power into variable outputs for propulsion & PTO

  • On-the-fly PTO mode shifts for increased productivity

  • Integrates seamlessly with industry leading engines & transmissions

  • Single engine solution that:
     - Eliminates aux engine cost
     - Eliminates aux engine fuel consumption
     - Eliminates aux engine emissions
     - Eliminates aux engine maintenance

*Marmon-Herrington Application Engineering Approval Required

Note: Estimated fuel consumption reduction based on comparative dynamometer testing

*Marmon-Herrington Application Engineering Approval Required

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