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Dan Souhan

Sales and Marketing Director

(269) 873-5552

Marmon-Herrington Launches Even Bigger Sisu Heavy-Haul Planetary Drive Axles for North America Market

Louisville, Ky. (June 20, 2017)

Marmon-Herrington announced today the release of a new 90,000 lbs. Sisu tandem axle set and a new 136,000 lbs. Sisu tridem axle set. These new releases are double reduction planetary drive axles for heavy duty applications within the N.A. truck market. For approved applications, the tandem axle offers a maximum GCWR (gross combination weight rating) of 400,000 lbs. and the tridem axle offers a maximum GCWR of 600,000 lbs. Sisu Axles has also increased maximum approved ratings for its industry standard 70,000 lbs. tandem axle set to 400,000 lbs. GCWR, and 600,000 lbs. GCWR for its 106,000 lbs. tridem axle set.


Marmon-Herrington and key customers within mining, heavy haul, and oil and gas are working to release truck configurations with Sisu’s new 90,000 lbs. tandem and 136,000 lbs. tridem offerings. The Sisu 70,000 lbs. tandem and 106,000 lbs. tridem are currently available through many truck manufacturers and part of Marmon-Herrington’s industry first Rapid Response program, a program that allows Marmon-Herrington to deliver its most popular product configurations to customers in 30 days or less.


“We are pleased to offer these new products to satisfy the needs of our loyal mining, heavy haul, and oil & gas fleet users” said Rick Blair, Marmon-Herrington OEM President. “Sisu products have long been known for reliability and strength. The new 90K tandem and 136K tridem allows Marmon-Herrington to continue a tradition of offering industry-best products to our customers.”


“We care about our customers and listen to their needs. We’re constantly striving and adapting to provide product solutions that meet the ever-changing needs in each of their industries” said Dan Souhan, Marmon-Herrington Director of Sales and Marketing, “These new offerings exceed the ratings of other product currently on the market. The 600,000 lbs. GCW rating for both the 106K and 136K tridem sets a new standard for high speed, double reduction planetary axles.”


Production of these highly anticipated new offerings has already begun and product will be available to ship in the second quarter of 2017. Sisu Axles, Inc. has been supplying similar 90,000 lbs. tandem and 136,000 lbs. tridem axles for years to customers outside of the United States and Canada.

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